No inventory? No problem!

A few years ago when you’re wanting to start selling something the first thing you would afford about is what inventory you are going to stock and sell. The next question would be where are you going to source the stock from and how much is it only cost you to buy it. Continue reading No inventory? No problem!

The top products to sell – discover the best niche to sell in

When you are  setting up a dropship e-commerce store, there are a few important things that you need to consider. A bit of preplanning before you get started is far better than waiting for a few months down the track after everything has been set up and then working out that you should have done something differently. Generally changes after you have set everything up, will cost you a lot of wasted time and a lot of waste of money.

We have created a list of things to consider before you decide on a niche to sell in and products to list for sale. Continue reading The top products to sell – discover the best niche to sell in

How to have a very successful online store

If you review some of the top-selling e-commerce websites on the Internet today, you will see some distinct traits that explains why the website has been such a great success.

Many of these are very easy to reproduce on your own store if you know what you’re looking for. Below is a list of a few of the special traits of these top-selling stores have that you may be able to replicate on your own.
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The best customers to target

Before starting with your new dropship e-commerce website you should consider who you are wanting to target as a customer. You may think this is our obvious answer – anyone who will purchase your product. However it is better to try and pinpoint the demographics of your ideal customer.

There are a few reasons for segregating your customers by demographics. The Continue reading The best customers to target

The benefits of drop shipping

The main reason people decide to drop ship items instead of selling items in a more traditional form is that drop shipping offers the entrepreneur many benefits.

Less upfront capital.
With the traditional form of stock reselling, you need to prepurchase stock in advance. Generally wholesalers require you to purchase a minimum quantity (normally at least 500 units) before they will even talk to you. Not only do need to pay for this in advance but you also need to work out storage of these units. The main issue here is your tied to this one stock line and have outlaid a significant amount of money to be able to sell it. Continue reading The benefits of drop shipping

The basic shipping terms – INCO terms

When dealing with suppliers you will come across a few different shipping and freight terms these very depending on what you are wanting to do and achieve.


The most common terms are INCO (international commerce terminology)

Allocations of costs to buyer/seller according to Incoterms 2010

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Picking a niche that is of interest

One of the first things you need to do after deciding to start a e-commerce dropship store is to decide upon what niche you like to enter and what products you would like to sell.

Is no silver bullet for the best niches to get into as many of them have different merits and huge markets. When it does come down to is your personal preference and interests. You also need to consider how long you are planning to run this business for. You may find something that is amazing to sell with great margins and returns, however if you are not very interested in the niche itself you will very quickly lose focus and not work as much as you should. Continue reading Picking a niche that is of interest

The drop shipping order process

Still curious about what drop shipping is and how you can do it? Hopefully the below order processes will help to explain it further.


Traditional e-commerce store:

  1. you purchase stock in bulk from a supplier
  2. you receive the goods and store it
  3. you manually list the stock for sale on your website
  4. you advertise your website and the goods you have for sale
  5. customer views your website and orders an item
  6. you pick and pack the item and make it ready for shipping
  7. you ship the item directly to the customer

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Making your content unique

Many of the search engines including Google tend to penalise websites that do not offer a ‘good user experience.’ One of the ways that Google does this is by checking at pages content against other similar pages. If the content on the page is exactly the same as another websites page out there generally they will only show one of the websites.

With a dropship e-commerce website this can be a bit difficult. The reason for this is that suppliers product descriptions generally are very short and to the point listing just the sizes and colour options and a few general specifications about the product itself. Continue reading Making your content unique