Not getting scammed and watching out for fake drop ship suppliers

Unfortunately the Internet is still the wild West. It is also a worldwide platform which does offer some form of anonymity. You have to remember that not everyone is as nice as you and some people are out to rip you off.

There are a couple of ways you can avoid getting scammed or at least minimise the risk.

Place a small test order.
Before dealing with any supplier on ongoing basis, you really should place a small test order first. You should make sure this test order to sent directly to you or someone you trust. The selected test the supplier before you build ongoing relationship.

A few things to watch out for:

  • Did the supplier actually send the order
  • how long did it take for you to receive the order
  • was the item packaged safely and securely
  • did the supplier add anything to the package (i.e. promotional/advertising material)
  • was the item you received like they described
  • what was the quality of the item like
  • what happens if you pretend the item you received was damaged

Payment options.

Some payment options are more secure than others. If you’re wanting the supplier to drop ship items directly to your customers it is important to work out what type of payment options are available. This will probably vary depending on the value of the item and what the items are. For example a $1000 TV is different to a five dollar disposable item.

On the web there are a few standard payment options available, credit card and PayPal are generally a very good option. The reason for this is they both offer some level of protection against fraudulent activities which means you may bow to get your money back if the supplier does not dispatch the items. In contrast if the supplier insists on direct money transfers there is no way to receive the funds back.

Google search.
Before sending any money that you are not happy to lose you should perform a search on Google for the supplier’s name. If they have scammed or ripped of people in the past you will properly find out about it. To do this simply type in the supplier’s company name or website address with the word scam or rippoff after it.

Again it depends on what you are wanting to sell but most likely many of the suppliers are located in a different country to you so a bit of due diligence now will save you heart ache in the future.

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