Finding in demand products using the Google keyword planner talk

How to find in demand products – Using the Google keyword planner

You may have heard the saying that he is such a good salesman that he can sell ice to Eskimos.  Yes you may be able to sell a product to someone who really does not need it, however to become truly successful in need product that has consistent demand.

At the end of the day it does not matter if you have the most amazing website, the most amazing offer or the most amazing products. The one thing that does matter is that people are wanting to purchase what you are selling. This is commonly called ‘market demand’and is an essential element for any store to thrive. It is also important to remember that it is much easier to fill an existing demand than to create a new one.

There are now many online tools that you can use, to find what is in demand and how many people are searching for. One of the best free tools out there is available from Google and is called the Google keyword tool (or sometimes referred to as the keyword planner).

You can reach this tool by going to:

the keyword planner lets you enter in a keyword and discover how the people are searching for that particular keyword monthly. There are a number of things that this tool can do however a couple of things to keep in mind are.

Longtail variations.

It is easily to just type and a single keyword such as dresses. How ever it is well worthwhile considering the more specific keywords that are displayed as they will help to narrow massive categories even further.

These are generally displayed as other possible keyword ideas. The amount of longtail keywords listed will depend upon the broad search term you entered.

As a longtail keyword is more specific generally it is easier to get a better ranking in the search engines, and for paid positions they generally are cheaper.

Longtail keywords also have another advantage, because a person who entered the search term knows exactly what they are looking for and are probably ready to purchase an item now.



Match type.

As this is an Google ad words tool, you can use what is called a match type search. Currently there are three different match types broad, exact and phrase. The default Google users is broad.

A broad match search, as the name would imply, will bring back the most results that are related to you your search. However they are not always the most relevant.  E.g. if you had a broad keyword of ‘dress’, it will also count a person who searched for ‘how do I remove coffee stains from my dress’.


So if someone completes a search with your broad match keyword they will be counted, so the data displayed is not always accurate.

A phrase match search is far more specific. I.e. if you enter in the search term, ‘summer dress’ it will count searched like ‘where can I buy a summer dress’ or ‘what is the best summer dress to wear to a wedding’ or ‘the latest summer dress trends’. However you would not be counted searches such as ‘winter dress’.

As  as you can see these are far more specific and actually related to the phrase you entered. It can contain text before or after the keyword, so that is a lot of flexibility.

An exact match search is very specific. This only counts a search made with the exact keywords you enter. I.e. if you enter in the search term ‘white wedding dress’ it will only count searches for that exactly match the phrase you entered


Search location.

When entering in a keyword, is imported to remember to modify the location to the one you’re actually be selling. The default is a global location which gives you a great overview of the demand worldwide however if you only selling to the US market it will not be very relevant to you.



If you are after a more over all search view, then you should use the Google trends search tool.

To find out more about the Google trends search tool have a look at:


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