Handling returns

It does not matter what you sell who you purchase stock from unfortunately at some stage there will be the need to handle returns. A dropship store is different to a traditional store as you did not directly send the product to the customer. So there are a couple of different options available to you depending on who the supplier is and how you want to handle the return itself. The other option to consider is if you want to hide the supplier from your customer (this is very useful for products that have repeat sales, or for customers you are trying to upsell)

You handle the return.
As you are the person selling the products you have the option to directly handle the return. What you can do is ask the customer to send the item back to you for review (if you work from home and would like to keep your address private a good option is to use a forwarding address). When you receive the item back, you can then check to see if the item is damaged and if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

What’s you have received the item you can either send it back to the supplier for repair/replacement or order a new product from the supplier that is then sent directly to the customer.The final amount of money it will cost you, ultimately depends upon the supplier you are using and their returns policy.

If you decide to handle the returns, it will cost you time and money, however it will mean your supplier is hidden from the customer so you can continue to sell to the customer directly.


Your supplier handles the return.
The other option for a return is to have your supplier deal with it directly. Again does depend on the supplier you used and if they have a returns policy. If you choose to have the supplier handle the return, simply get in contact with the supplier and receive their return address and have the customer’s in item directly back to them. You should also give the suppliers contact details to the customer so they can contact them regarding timelines and timeframes.


By making your supplier handle the return, they will receive the customers details and the customer also receive the supplies details. This will mean that the customer is more likely to order directly from the supplier in the future instead of through you.

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    • Hi Addy, returns are always a bit of a pain when you are drop shipping, but if you handle them correctly you can create a very loyal customer. To answer your question about if we handle returns ourselves or send them directly back to the supplier, we have sites that do both. The way that we decide upon which option to use really depends on how much the customer is worth long-term. And also if they will buy from the store again and create future revenue.


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