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Name: Galoreclothes
Location:  Ukraine
Category:  women’s clothing
Website:  http://www.galoreclothes.com
Contact:  Elena: elena@galoreclothes.com
Shipping: Worldwide
Discount: 15% discount
Details: A Ukraine manufacturer of casual women’s clothing.
Will drop ship without any advertising and with  plain packaging.
Prices start at US$70 a unit.

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After running a number of successful dropship websites online and generating a huge amount of orders , I decided to create the first and only dropship school. I hope to educate fellow entrepreneurs on how to dropship items quickly, easily and safely while still creating a massive amount of almost passive income. If you have any questions or would like to see something added in make sure you get in touch as we are here to make this the greatest 100% free drop shipping resource on the Internet.

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