Finding in demand niche and what is popular with Google trends

Every year Google handles trillions and trillions of searches from a huge range of different people and cultures. Google as a company are extremely good at categorising these search terms and creating meaningful data out of them.

One way Google has done this is via a little-known tool that is called Google trends. Basically Google trends maps out searches (and their keywords) that have previously been performed via the Google search engine and displays them in a more meaningful way.

You can access Google trends at:


The horizontal axis represents time (starting at 2004), and the vertical axis shows how often a term has been searched for relative to the total number of searches performed globally. You can also break this down further by countries regions cities and languages.

From a marketing perspective Google trends let’s you see how popular a current search term is right now, how it has performed over time, and also view any seasonal variations that may be present.

So if you are still struggling to come up with ideas of what to sell online, Google trends will be able to help.

A good example of how this relates to an e-commerce store and how it can be used to find a profitable niche is by typing in the search term ‘dresses online’ into the search bar. You will notice that this is a long-lasting search term, one that is also consistently growing however it does have a seasonal element as well.

So using this information you can see that woman’s dresses are a sought after item that should sell well, but you will also need something else to sell to tie you over the slower periods.

You can see the trends from the previous year at:

You can see what is currently trending at:

You can also see what is currently trending on you tube at:


Google trends is a great way to get a niche overview, however for looking for more in-depth product and market research you should check out the Google keyword planner. You can see more details about this by going to:

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