The Art of the Guest Post

If you own a website you know how much time and effort is involved with creating the perfect piece of content. However once you have created it you also need to find a way to get people to view it. This is the area that most people struggle with. The main reason is that the sheer volume of content created each day is astronomical.

It has recently been calculated that each day there are over 2 million blog posts. Or if you would like a more visual reference this is enough content to fill Time Magazine for 770 years. Your little piece of content can easily get lost and forgotten about.

There are a number of different ways to gain the initial traction and increase your sites viewer readership however there are a few that are more beneficial, especially if you’re willing to put in time, than piggybacking ‘ upon other people’s hard work. We can do this is by creating a super high quality guest blog.

Essentially you need to do is find a larger authority website in a similar niche to yours and then to offer them some free content in exchange for an author link back to your website. A few years ago this is a very powerful method of gaining a lot of SEO juice, however in recent years Google has reduced the overall flow on effect. However it is still a highly effective way to leverage an already established audience and readership.

The big issue is the way many people approach this method. Most reach out with a cold email, being leading to the content listed with was still sending in an already published piece of content. The key thing to remember is that a content manager running a successful blog does not have the time to babysit someone elses fledging business.

Guest posting is about leverage
When we are talking about leverage need to realise that it is really a two-way street. You need to be able to offer the blog owner enough value that they will be willing to directly post your piece of content on their website. After all they are risking their audience and credibility by letting someone new create a piece of content on their site. It really needs to be worth the time.

You need to write a piece that is as good as or even better than what is currently on the site, you also need to make it interesting so that people reading the piece become engaged and respond to it.